The Results are in….The Journey Continues!!

I’d like to thank the academy…

After two years of pursuit; studying, researching, sleepless nights of labor and postpartum watches, traveling to the Philippines and back…twice, from east coast to west coast and back again, and then once more for my board exam……I am happy to announce that in late October I sat that board exam and passed.


This has been quite the experience and journey. I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my family and friends (who are really more family than friend).

They have not only supported and encouraged me emotionally. Many have housed me, stored my belongings, fed me, prayed for me, provided coffee; a lot of coffee, chauffeured me, listened to my frustrations, concerns and fears, and celebrated my victories.

I could not have done it without these beautiful people who reminded me of where the path was when I would lose sight of it and why I stepped on it to begin with.

To all those just mentioned, a mere ‘Thank You!!!’, is all I really have to offer. I am so grateful for each of you, what a blessing and gift you are to me.

The question everyone was asking……

Almost immediately after announcing the news of my exam results to close friends and family, I was met with the same question…..’So, what’s next?’

To be honest, I had been pondering that question on a regular basis for most of 2013. Fully aware that the time was approaching that I would need to have a plan.

That being said, a decision was made in mid November and there is a plan.

Here it is, wait for it……wait….(drum role….)

Ok, so remember that post awhile back? The one about my weekend trip to the mountains when I was in the Philippines? Well, that’s where I am headed this spring, I will be there for 1 year, (I do not have plans beyond that at this time). In the summer I was asked to consider taking a position to help facilitate the clinic.

Bugnay Clinic
Bugnay Clinic

Now, while I admit that this is fantastically exciting news, there was a great deal of deliberation in the decision making process. This is an incredible opportunity for me, but it also comes with much responsibility.

You see, I couldn’t just look at this with a starry eyed romantic glaze, with fetoscope and cord clamp in hand while donning my magic headlamp. There is a weight of responsibility that comes with this position, keeping women and newborns safe. It is this reality though of tragedies in birth rooms (regardless of country or setting) that was a catalyst for my pursuing midwifery.

the 'magic' headlamp is said to illuminate the darkest places for those who dare tread in jungle or bush at night, or in the event of blackouts….
the ‘magic headlamp’ is said to illuminate the darkest places for those who dare tread in jungle or bush at night, or in the event of blackouts….

I will be working with a faith based, grass roots organization that relies solely on private funding to operate. This means that foreign staff such as myself, must have funding to be there.

There is now the process for me getting to the Philippines. One that must be shared if I am indeed to go.

I realize many of you reading this may have your trigger (mouse) finger ready to click to a new page at this point. Stay with me folks I’m almost done. I am asking everyone who reads this to consider partnering with me in this venture in some way.

There are several ways for you to partner:

  • Financial partnership; monthly, one time or multiple random times of giving funds.
  • Prayer; its rough out there people, I need prayer it’s not easy living in developing countries and doing humanitarian and mission work. Don’t misunderstand me, I loVe doing it, but there are plenty of trials both personal and circumstantial that can cause much distress.
  • Spread the word; share this blog and my FB page with others…If you know an individual, group or organization that has a heart for women and children, by all means introduce us to one another.
  • Fund Raising and Events; I would love help with this! If you would like to help plan and organize, let’s chat.
  • Other Ideas; Perhaps you have another idea, feel free to share, I would love to hear what you are thinking.

What’s in it for you?

You may be wondering what exactly is in it for you. That’s easy enough to answer, nothing that is tangible. I do not have souvenirs to send you, (although that could happen in the future I suppose, perhaps a cheap keychain with the country name stamped on it…..).

You will be participating in improving and yes, even helping to save lives of mothers and newborns. Let me be clear, I’m not trying to feed you inflated stories about global sufferings to entice you to send money to trick you into paying for some sort of holiday for me, but I do hope to have fun along the way. What I am sharing with you though through my posts and stories, are the realities that the majority of the world, those living in underdeveloped countries face on a daily basis. Along with what I see and experience personally is what the statistics guru’s at UNICEF and the World Health Organization tells us.

Why I do what I do?

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to this sort of vocation. I’ve been drawn to it for almost as long as I can remember. Blame it on the Peace Corp commercials of the 70’s during the Ethiopian famine or MASH that satirical comedic genius. Perhaps those media forums were merely tilling and fertilizing the soil for the deep things within my heart that God had obviously designed within my DNA, I’m not sure exactly how it all works, but I know these things had an impact.

Comments, Q & A Time…..

Some of you may have specific questions you would like answered. Please comment and ask away in the form below. I would love to share in more detail the plans and needs of 2014.

There will be a way to donate online soon for those of you so inclined. For now if you are interested in sending funds for donation please fill out the contact form below requesting donation information.

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