Life and Death in the Mountains of Kalinga

These days I talk and post quite a bit about needing financial support and partners in order to go and volunteer in the Philippines. I have mentioned before the need for midwives and the huge impact they make.
I am doing that again today, however it is not my voice that will share but another midwife who has been in the area for the past 10 years. This post is hot off the press from Kalinga, Philippines written by the founding midwife of Abundant Grace of God Maternity.


Did that title get your attention?

I hope so!

The truth is that our sister clinic in the village of Bugnay is the difference between life and death for many in the remote mountains of Tinglayan, Kalinga.

Have you heard the story about the baby that suddenly stopped breathing?


The parents noticed she was having difficulty breathing and by the time they brought her to the clinic she had stopped completely. The parents were about to turn around and take her home to bury her when midwife B-lyn grabbed the baby and started to resuscitate her. That baby is running around the village of Bugnay today.

How about the story of the woman who began hemorrhaging seconds after her baby was born?


If she had been at home without midwives attending her, like she had been for all of her other babies, she would have died. For this delivery…

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