The need is real, the need is great.

A few of the faces we serve
A few of the faces we serve

What I feel must be said today and that which is of utmost importance, is that of the needs for midwives in the Philippines and specifically in a sleepy little town in the mountains.

The clinic in Bugnay is not fully operating currently as you may recall from previous posting here or on Facebook. The reason for this is that they are not fully staffed, primarily they do not currently have a facilitating midwife. The facilitator is still in the U.S. fundraising, (yes I’m talking about me). They currently have one staff midwife and one volunteer and so are only open for prenatal and postpartum exams. Births in the area happen either at home without skilled care or very rarely they might go to the nearest hospitals 1.5-2hrs from the clinic.

I received an email from the Philippines earlier today and it really speaks to the current situation and need there. It included two births that recently occurred that did not end well.

The first birth happened several weeks ago a mother birthed at home without a skilled attendant. From the description of the birth it seemed to have been a difficult birth. Possibly, what is known as a shoulder dystocia (this is where the head of the baby is born but the shoulders/body gets stuck). The baby gasped once after it was born,  and did not breathe after that. The second report came within the last 24hrs, about a mother who attended last months prenatal outreach and was carrying twins. She also birthed at home alone, both twins were stillborn.

The need for midwives is great and I am wiling to go, yet I do not have the needed resources yet to do so. My goal of arriving in the Philippines the first week of June is somewhat stalled at the moment, until I have more funding. Simply put, I need about $300 more per month, that would ensure that my basic in country needs are met and allow for at least some of the unexpected expenses that tend to arise. Though this does not cover all my estimated financial needs, and supplies/equipment; fund-raising efforts for long-term support will need to continue but this will be a great start and give me some momentum.

If you are interested in partnering with my please click the link below which will take you to a DONATE button via paypal account.

Bugnay, as seen from the balcony of the clinic.
Bugnay, as seen from the balcony of the clinic.

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