My Work in the Phillipines

Bugnay Clinic
Bugnay Clinic


AGGMC is a free birth centre located in Tabuk, which is the capital of Kalinga in the Philippines. Since February 2007, AGGMC has delivered over 1,000 babies free of charge for indigenous villages and provides free pre-natal, delivery and postpartum care to mothers & babies.

AGGMC’s sister clinic in Bugnay 

This remote clinic is located in the northern mountains of the Philippines and is about four (4) hours distance from AGGMC’s main clinic in Tabuk.

I have been asked  by AGGMC’s founding midwife and director Georgia Macad to return to Kalinga to facilitate the clinical operations at AGGMC’s sister clinic in Bugnay beginning June 2014. As a Clinical Facilitator, some of my duties will include; providing direct patient care to mothers and babies, continuing education and support to the Filipino staff midwives. AGGMC also works to improve the overall health of local communities with local outreach projects such as the ‘Well-Baby Project’. The Well-Baby Project and outreach brings the tools, knowledge, basic supplies and support, to the families with young children in Kalinga. AGGMC is tackling subjects such as basic sanitation, nutrition, medical emergencies and malaria.

Funding for my work with AAGMC comes through monthly pledges, charitable donations and gifts from generous individuals, groups and organizations. While all gifts help, it is the recurring monthly support that is crucial for allowing the work to continue.

To join with me to improve birth outcomes and save the lives of mothers and babies, become a partner and donate at MS/CMM.

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